BUTT...in your face

Anonymous: You prefer mutilated dick?! And with normal cocks (I.e. WITH foreskin) you can retract it. Intact cocks feel better to ride, are easier to give blow jobs and hand jobs to, and no ugly scar or tight stretched skin.

Um okay, first of all calm the fuck down. This is not some life or death scenario here. It’s cock. Secondly, I myself am cut and my penis is not “mutilated”, it works wonderfully and I’ve never gotten complaints nor have I ever encountered  a cut dick that has brought upon such revulsion of that which you speak of. I am a lover of all cocks, there is no “normal” cock, even those with foreskin so please come down off that ridiculously high pedestal you’ve set yourself upon for being uncircumcised. You’re not a fucking God, you’re a douche with an uncut dick who was clearly to cowardly to post this comment as anything other than anonymous. Get over yourself and please stay away from my blogs. Seriously…

This is why I took away anonymous comments. I may have to do it again, because it makes all the crazies come out.

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There are always those guys with those loose holes that just eat my cock up, but I love them for it…them and their greedy holes
NEW SUBMISSION! Kik me @ theinyourfaceblog to submit
Nice cute hairy booty on this guy. Not too big but I’d still gladly rim and fuck the hell out of it!
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There is something about this pic that I find so hot. I think it might be that the guy’s cute ass looks so little, and I would tear it the fuck apart with my dick if I could lol
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